Standard Microchip T-IS

Key Features

  • Unique, unalterable and permanent animal identification system
  • Ergonomic, ‘No Return Click’ – Listen for the “Click”! It means the chip is properly implanted
  • Locks the injector, keeping the microchip from being sucked out during syringe removal
  • Easy, painless implantation
  • ISO-compliant microchips can be read internationally
  • Ideal for people who travel with their pets
  • Link pet health, breed and pedigree information through an online registry

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 13.3 ± 0.4 x 2.12 ± 0.05 mm
0.52” ± 0.015” x 0.083” ± 0.001”
Weight 0.114 grams
0.004 ounces
Operating temperature -25°C – 70°C
-13°F – 158°F
Power Supply Microchips are passive – they do not require batteries to operate
Frequency 134.2 kHz
Read Distance (with universal scanner) Up to 30 cm or 12 inches
Microchip Casing Bio-compatible glass
Syringe Needle 12 gauge stainless steel, sterile



Standard T-IS microchips (sold in North America under the Microfindr brand) come pre-loaded in our special, ergonomic ‘No Return Click’ syringe designed for maximum ergonomic comfort. It allows the most natural approach and body language. The sterile syringe can be used with one hand, leaving you one hand free to calm the animal. The ‘No Return Click’ offers additional safety features: when properly and fully depressed it gives an audible click to alert the practitioner that implantation has been performed correctly and is complete; in addition, when fully depressed it blocks and locks the injector, which stops the microchip from being retracted into the syringe by the piston while being removed from the animal’s body.

Each syringe comes in an individually wrapped, sterile, peel-open, blister package. Each syringe includes six corresponding, adhesive barcode labels to simplify documentation and record keeping.

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